Ansul 416970 Bursting Disc Union Assembly

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Ansul 416970 Bursting Disc Union Assembly


Ansul 416970 Bursting Disc Union Assembly

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416970 R-102 Ansul Bursting Disc Union Assembly is a Fire Protection Products. ANSUL special hazard fire protection products are designed and manufactured to strict standards and tested under the scrutiny of national and international independent testing laboratories and approval agencies.

ANSUL fire protection products were introduced to the marketplace in 1939 featuring the first cartridge-operated, dry chemical fire extinguisher. As technology changed and dangerous new hazards emerged, ANSUL product engineers worked hand-in-hand with many industries to protect their people and property from fire. Today, the ANSUL Fire Technology Center and Center of Excellence house one of the most extensive fire research and testing facilities in the world. No other fire protection brand is supported by such extensive broad-based research and test
facilities with so many scientists and engineers devoting 100% of their time preparing for the fire protection and safety needs of the future.

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