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When an emergency arises, fire safety equipment that’s ready to perform accurately is essential in protecting people and property. Fire extinguisher gauges help maintain that confidence by quickly showing whether the contents are at the correct pressure. National Fire Supply is the nationwide retailer you can trust for replacements and peace of mind.

Our Complete Selection of Fire Extinguisher Pressure Gauges

We have a wide inventory of pressure gauges available, including bulk purchase options. Our ready-to-ship styles include:

  • Amerex 240 PSI wet chemical pressure gauges.
  • Amerex 2.5-gallon (6-liter) K-Class gauges.
  • Gauges for 100 PSI water extinguishers.
  • Dry chemical single-unit gauges in 100, 195 and 240 PSI options.
  • Dry chemical 50-pack of 195 PSI gauges.

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National Fire Supply makes buying easy with a 24/7 storefront, secure online ordering and excellent customer service. We offer cost-effective pricing on a range of fire safety equipment to meet your needs. Our team also provides value through free two-day express delivery on many orders and same-day shipping for faster delivery.

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