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Fire Extinguisher Vehicle Brackets

Fire safety is paramount to vehicles, which includes securing fire safety tools. A vehicle bracket for a fire extinguisher securely holds the extinguisher in place, preventing it from rolling around or becoming dislodged during transit. This tool allows for easy access to the extinguisher in an emergency. Regulations and safety standards from organizations like OSHA and DOT require vehicles to have a securely mounted fire extinguisher.

Brackets for Fire Extinguishers

Choose from brackets that hold 2.5-, 5-, 6-, 10- and 20-lb fire extinguishers. We offer bungee brackets, strap brackets and spring clip brackets.

Vehicle Brackets and Running Board Brackets

Our meticulously engineered vehicle brackets endure the demanding conditions of the road and available in various materials, colors and designs to suit any needs. With our durable vehicle brackets, you can trust that your fire safety equipment is securely mounted and readily accessible whenever you’re on the move.

Running board brackets are recommended for any truck-mounted fire extinguisher, such as ones in emergency service vehicles. For those seeking a highly accessible location for their fire extinguisher, our running board brackets offer an ideal solution. They promote effective emergency response and enhanced safety.

Shop Fire Extinguisher Brackets and Running Board Brackets

At the National Fire Supply, we distinguish ourselves by providing a wide array of top-notch fire safety products, delivering exceptional customer service and upholding clear communication throughout the ordering process and beyond. The National Association of Fire Equipment Distributors (NAFED) certifies our company, verifying our commitment to quality.

We offer same-day shipping and free two-day express shipping on small parts. Contact us today to enquire about vehicle brackets for fire extinguishers or find out more about our bulk ordering options.

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