Corner Pulleys

In fire protection systems, corner pulleys and corner pulley adapters are important in facilitating installation and operation of suppression systems. They are used in situations where system cables and pipes need to change direction. National Fire Supply offers premium corner pulleys and adapters whenever your application requires them.

Our Selection of Corner Pulleys and Adapters

A corner pulley is a simple device that redirects the path of a system cable or pipe around a corner or obstacle. It typically consists of a grooved wheel mounted on a bracket or housing. The pipe or tubing passes through the groove and changes direction smoothly.


A corner pulley adapter is an accessory or fitting that attaches to a corner pulley to accommodate specific installation requirements or configurations. Together, both tools help ensure the effective operation of fire sprinkler systems in various building configurations. Choose from our three corner pulley options, which include:


You can also select from our two corner pulley adapter options, which include:


We also offer pull cord pulleys for corners. These pulleys are mounted in corners or discreet locations throughout a building, allowing individuals to activate the fire alarms by pulling on a cord or cable. They are often installed in out-of-the-way locations where they are easily accessible but less susceptible to accidental activation.

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