Fire Extinguisher Inspection Tags

Fire extinguisher inspection tags show the inspection requirements for the fire extinguisher. These tags keep the owners and the compliance inspectors on the same page. When the inspector checks the condition of the fire equipment, they record the findings on the inspection tags.


Inspection tags have all the necessary information you need to know about the fire extinguisher, such as:


  • The name of the inspecting company and the name of the inspector.
  • The date of inspection.
  • The extinguisher chemical type.
  • The license number of the inspecting technician.
  • The date and month of the last inspection.
  • A punched hole under “serviced” to validate inspection.

Types of Fire Extinguisher Inspection Tags We Offer

At National Fire Supply, we offer a range of inspection tags for fire equipment, as well as custom fire extinguisher tags. The varieties of fire extinguisher inspection tags are available in different materials like plastic, Tyvek, cardstock and aluminum.


Some of the fire extinguisher inspection tags we have include:



We also offer an HSTC-NFS heavy-duty fire extinguisher tag protector cover to protect the information written on the inspection tag.

Order Inspection Tags for Your Fire Extinguishers

At National Fire Supply, we have custom fire extinguisher tags to suit your needs and preferences. We are National Association of Fire Equipment Distributors (NAFED) certified and offer same-day and free two-day shipping on small parts.


Purchase inspection tags for fire extinguishers today! You can also contact us to learn more about our fire safety products.

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