Micro Switch for Fire Suppression System

Kitchens are hotspots for potential fires, especially commercial kitchens with industrial equipment. In case of a fire, the micro switch turns off power to the heating element and any electrical appliances under the hood. A fire suppression micro switch also cuts off the make-up fan, depriving the fire of fresh air. However, the exhaust fan will keep operating to expel the smoke and fumes from the fire. Micro switches use magnetic or electronic starter motor relay boxes to control the shutdown.


Here at National Fire Supply, we offer micro switches for fire suppression systems to increase the overall safety of your commercial kitchen.

Types of Products We Offer

National Fire Supply has an extensive inventory of micro switches for fire suppression systems. Our selection includes various well-known brands, such as Ansul, Buckeye and Range Guard.


Some of the fire suppression micro switches and kits we have include:


Order Your Fire Suppression Micro Switch Online

At National Fire Supply, we offer fire protection products from reputable brands. Fire safety is important to us, so we provide reliable fire safety equipment for commercial facilities. We are certified by the National Association of Fire Equipment Distributors (NAFED) and offer our customers same-day and free two-day shipping on small parts.

Browse our fire suppression micro switches and place your order online. You can also get in touch with us for more information on our products.

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