Wet Chemical Refill

Wet chemical refills are used in wet chemical fire extinguishers and are best for class K fires. These refills are made from a blend of potassium citrate and potassium acetate, which effectively suppresses high-temperature fires from cooking oils and grease. When sprayed on the fire, the wet chemical agent forms a blanket on the burning material to suffocate and stop the fire.


To refill a wet chemical extinguisher, you need a recharge adaptor. Only qualified technicians should refill fire extinguishers to ensure it is done correctly and safely. If you have a commercial kitchen that comes into contact with grease and oil, purchase a wet chemical fire extinguisher for class K fires from National Fire Supply.

Types of Products We Offer

At National Fire Supply, we have different wet chemical fire extinguisher refills. Some of our products include:


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